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Mars Face Upclose
Close-up of the Face on Mars

Daily News

04/19/08 UFO Digest: An Idea Concerning the Soul and Ascension / Assorted Mystery Articles

04/18/08 UFO Digest: Clarke and I" An impossible journey / Assorted Mystery Articles

04/18/08 National Geographic: VIDEO: Virtual Pompeii Created

04/18/08 UFO Digest: Extraterrestrial Terror Tactics / UFOs/Aliens Articles

04/18/08 UFO Digest: THE MYSTERIOUS EYE IN THE TRIANGLE...AND WHOSE EYE IS IT, ANYWAY? / Assorted Mystery Articles

04/18/08 UFO Digest: Catching Up on Emails

04/17/08 National Geographic: Pharaoh Seti I's Tomb Bigger Than Thought / Egypt

04/16/08 National Geographic: Mysterious "Swarm" of Quakes Strikes Oregon Waters

04/16/08 LiveScience: Robot Dials 9-1-1

04/16/08 UFO Digest: Awakening Alien UFO Ascension Enlightenment Finding your Path on the Information Highway / UFOs/Aliens Articles

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: Unconscious Decisions In The Brain

04/15/08 UFO Digest: Prophecies of the Antichrist - Part XI / Parts I-X

04/15/08 UFO Digest: Dreams from Dana Redfield / Assorted Mystery Articles

04/15/08 UFO Digest: UFO Crash in North Texas 1891 / UFOs / TEXAS Articles

04/14/08 LiveScience: How Charlemagne Changed the World

04/14/08 LiveScience: Possible Ancient DNA Found

04/14/08 National Geographic: Oldest Living Tree Found in Sweden

04/14/08 National Geographic: Ancient Elephant Ancestor Lived in Water, Study Finds

04/14/08 LiveScience: Man Loses 17-Century Violin on Train

04/14/08 National Geographic: PHOTO IN THE NEWS: Bust of "Hidden" Roman Emperor Found / Artifacts

04/14/08 LiveScience: Komodo Dragon's Deadly Secret Revealed

04/14/08 LiveScience: Flashy Experiment Almost Creates Lightning

04/14/08 UFO Digest: Argentina: UFO Wasn't Photographed on Purpose, They Say / UFOs/Aliens Articles

04/13/08 UFO Digest: Air Force Sitting Tight-Lipped On Sorrells' Saucer Sighting / UFOs/Aliens Articles

04/13/08 UFO Digest: "The UFO Smokescreen" The Mike Wallace-Major Donald Keyhoe UFO Interview / UFOs/Aliens Articles

04/13/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Earth's First Animal / Science & Nature Articles

04/12/08 UFO Digest: Two Blocks from Slab Town: (Crying is for Losers) - Part II / Assorted Mystery Articles

04/11/08 SpaceDaily: The Future Of Robotic Warfare Part Two

04/11/08 National Geographic: PHOTO IN THE NEWS: Lake Vanishes Suddenly in Chile

04/11/08 LiveScience: Study: Flowers Losing Smell

04/11/08 UFO Digest: Is NASA Changing the Color of Mars?

04/11/08 UFO Digest: Exopolitics: Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead! / United Nations Articles

04/11/08 UFO Digest: OZ LIGHTS / UFOS/Aliens Articles

04/10/08 SpaceDaily: New drug protects against radiation damage: study

04/10/08 National Geographic: "Dino Killer" Asteroid Was Half the Size Predicted? / Dinosaurs

04/10/08 SpaceDaily: Scientists Find A Fingerprint Of Evolution Across The Human Genome

04/09/08 UFO Digest: Are We Covertly Being Colonized By Aliens? / UFOs/Aliens

04/09/08 National Geographic: Earliest Mixtec Cremations Found; Show Elite Ate Dog / Mummies and Other Human Finds

04/09/08 National Geographic: Grand Canyon Gorge Is 9 Times Older Than Thought

04/09/08 LiveScience: Texas Sect Earns Cult Status

04/09/08 SpaceDaily: Surgeons use robots during heart surgery

04/08/08 UFO Digest: ALIEN ROCK IN ROSWELL: An interview with Michael from the UFO rock band Element 115 / UFOs/Aliens Articles

04/09/08 LiveScience: X-ray Vision Spies Dinosaur-Era Bugs / Animal Finds

04/08/08 National Geographic: Huge Viking Hoard Discovered in Sweden / Artifacts

04/08/08 National Geographic: Ancient Tools Found in Australia / Artifacts

04/07/08 UFO Digest: A UFO Digest Book Review: Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy

04/07/08 LiveScience: Robot So Like You

Top 10 Crimes Against Nature

Life Encyclopedia: Too Popular to Live / Encyclopedia of Life

04/03/08 National Geographic: PHOTO IN THE NEWS: Flat-Faced Crawling Fish Discovered
PHOTOS: Giant, Unknown Animals Found off Antarctica

04/04/08 National Geographic: VIDEO: Electricity Made From Rain?

03/15/08 LiveScience: Our 10 Favorite Monsters

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· Who Was the First Person to Fly?
· Why Do We Need Leap Year?
· What Is a Mirage?
· Were Dinosaurs Colorful?
· How Old Were the Oldest Dinosaurs?
· How Do Dinosaurs Get Their Names?
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· How Did the Hawaiian Islands Form?
· Can I Control My Dreams?
· How Many Senses Do Humans Have?

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Cydonia Region on Mars
Space Picture
Face on Mars

Credit with image
Space Picture

Credit with image

Images from the
European Space Agency's "Mars Express" orbiter!

Enterprise Mission: Tetrahedrons, Faces on Mars, Exploding Planets, Hyperdimensional Physics -- and Tom Corbett, Space Cadet?! Or What Did They Know, and When Did They Know it?

Cydonia Images
from the Mars Global Surveyor!

April 2000 - January 2001
Cydonia Imperative
An online effort to assess breaking developments concerning potential alien artifacts on Mars
Informative online content
about Mars Cydonia:

- The BioMesa: The Genesis Plateau
- CYDONIA 2000 Face II at Cydonia Research

Information Links
Discovery Channel Webisode
Requires Windows Media Player
"Interviewing the dead: The death rituals
of the ancient Egyptians..."

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