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Comet Missions
Click here for Comet News

Space Picture
Spiral Galaxies in Collision

Credit with image

Space Picture
Running Messier's Marathon

Credit with image

Space Picture
IC 2948: The Running Chicken Nebula

Credit with image

Space Picture
Messier 63: The Sunflower Galaxy

Credit with image

Space Picture
Sky Delights Over Sweden

Credit with image

Daily News

04/18/08 SpaceDaily: Is There Anybody Out There

04/18/08 Space.com: See Mercury, the Elusive Planet

04/17/08 SpaceDaily: Osmium Tracks Earth Impacts

04/17/08 Astrobiology Magazine: The Drifting Star

04/16/08 SpaceDaily: German whizzkid got it wrong: NASA

04/16/08 NASA: Stellar Birth in the Galactic Wilderness / Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX)

04/16/08 NASA: NASA Statement on Student Asteroid Calculations

04/16/08 Space.com: Largest Telescope Would Be Out of this World

04/15/08 Space.com: NASA, Europe Explore Joint Mission to Outer Planets

04/14/08 SpaceDaily: The Largest Synthesized Telescope In Europe Doubles Its Surface

04/12/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Star, Dwarf, Planet

04/11/08 National Geographic: Mysterious "Super Earth" Is Smallest Known Exoplanet?

04/10/08 Space.com: Seawater Holds Clues to Asteroid Impacts / Asteroids

04/09/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Earth-like Planet Found in Leo

04/09/08 Space.com: New Super-Earth is Smallest Yet

04/09/08 Space.com: Russian Space Shuttle Sails up the Rhine for German Home

04/09/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Astro-combing for Planets

04/09/08 Space.com: Scientists Now Expect to Find Gravitational Waves

04/09/08 SpaceDaily: Quasars Quash Star Formation In Active Galactic Nuclei

04/08/08 SpaceDaily: NASA Selects Three Research Fellows For GLAST Mission

04/07/08 Space.com: Massive Star Mystery: Do They Explode?

04/07/08 ESA Science: Cosmic engines surprise XMM-Newton

04/04/08 Space.com: Star Theory Gets New Spin

04/04/08 Space.com: Spot the Queen's Wig

04/04/08 SpaceDaily: Stardust Stars On Earth As It Does In The Heavens
/ Stardust

04/04/08 SpaceDaily: Northrop Grumman Awarded Five Study Contracts For NextGen Astronomy Missions

04/03/08 National Geographic: Newborn Planet Is Youngest Ever FoundNewborn Planet Is Youngest Ever Found / New Planets

04/03/08 Space.com: The Mother of All Meteor Storms

04/02/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Following the Paper Trail of Ancient Life

04/02/08 SpaceDaily: Scientists Discover 10 New Planets Outside Solar System / New Planets

04/02/08 SpaceDaily: Two New Star Systems Are First Of Their Kind Ever

04/02/08 SpaceDaily: 2,500 Researchers, One Supermachine, One New Snapshot Of The Universe

04/01/08 SpaceDaily: A Vision For Exploration

04/01/08 Space.com: Galaxy Evolution Seen in Action

03/31/08 SpaceDaily: Why Matter Matters In The Universe / Dark Matter

03/31/08 SpaceDaily: Radiation Resistant Rotifers

03/29/08 SpaceFlight Now: Nearby star should harbor detectable, Earth-like

03/28/08 Space.com: Merging Man and Machine to Reach the Stars

03/28/08 SpaceDaily: Ancient Meteorite Impact Crater Found In Britain

03/28/08 SpaceDaily: Astronomers Coordinating International Observatories In White-Dwarf Watch

03/26/08 Space.com: Photo Suggests Planet Under Construction

03/26/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Googling Alien Life

03/25/08 Space.com: James Bond Movie Shot at Otherworldly Observatory

03/25/08 SpaceDaily: NASA discusses space exploration benefits

03/25/08 SpaceDaily: Rare Cosmic Rays Are From Far Away

03/25/08 SpaceDaily: Action Replay Of Powerful Stellar Explosion

03/25/08 Astrobiology Magazine: The Oldest Asteroids

03/24/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Searching for Earth

03/21/08 SpaceDaily: UM-Led Team Finds Oldest Known Asteroids

03/21/08 LiveScience: Behind the Scenes: Building a Machine to Search for Cosmic Secrets

03/20/08 SpaceDaily: China builds observatory at South Pole

03/20/08 SpaceDaily: Naked-eye Gamma Ray Burst

03/21/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Organics Found on Alien World

03/21/08 SpaceFlight Now: Hubble servicing mission's launch date threatened

03/20/08 National Geographic: Centuries-Old Supernova "Echoes" Detected

03/19/08 National Geographic: Earth, Mars, Moon Have Different Origin, Study Says

03/19/08 Space.com: Cosmic Clean-Up: Wild Ideas to Sweep Space

03/18/08 Space.com: New Clues to the Most Amazing Shapes in Space

03/18/08 SpaceDaily: X-ray Observations Of Postoutburst Nova V5116 Sagittarii

03/18/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Grains of Sand Grow Into Planets

03/17/08 Space.com: Io Creates Spots on Jupiter

03/17/08 SpaceDaily: Two college students find asteroid

03/14/08 Space.com: Venus and Mars: Surprising Similarities Found

03/14/08 SpaceDaily: Brown Scientist Answers How Peruvian Meteorite Made It To Earth

03/14/08 SpaceDaily: Astronomers Find Grains Of Sand Around Distant Stars

03/13/08 Space.com: Space Rocks Brought Life's Raw Material

03/12/08 Astrobiology Magazine: The 'Planet' in Planetary Nebulae

03/12/08 Space.com: How to Get to Alpha Centauri

03/12/08 SpaceDaily: Physicists And Engineers Search For New Dimension

03/12/08 SpaceDaily: Canadian astronomers tape meteor fall

03/11/08 Space.com: Big Crater Carved By Mysterious Meteorite

03/10/08 SpaceDaily: New Discovery At Jupiter Could Help Protect Earth-Orbit Satellites

03/10/08 SpaceDaily: Space tourism: The next frontier?

03/10/08 Space.com: Real Death Star Could Strike Earth

03/07/08 Space.com: Nearest Star System Might Harbor Earth Twin

03/07/08 SpaceDaily: Large Binocular Telescope Achieves First Binocular Light

03/06/08 SpaceDaily: GLAST Spacecraft Arrives in Florida To Prepare For Launch / Gamma Ray Bursts

03/06/08 SpaceDaily: Putin Signs Decree To Set Up Rocket-And-Space Research Center

03/05/08 SpaceDaily: Mars and Venus are surprisingly similar

03/05/08 SpaceDaily: JPL Helps Shoot For The Moon, Stars, Planets And More

03/04/08 Space.com: Universe Loaded With Natural Magnifying Glasses

03/03/08 SpaceDaily: Dirty Space And Supernovae

03/03/08 SpaceDaily: Small Helper Stars Needed For Massive Star Formation

03/01/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Spitzer in the Sky, with Diamonds

02/29/08 Space.com: NASA Baffled by Unexplained Force Acting on Space Probes

02/29/08 Space.com: Why Stars Have Seasons

02/29/08 Astrobiology Magazine: RESOLVE to Explore

02/29/08 SpaceDaily: Seeing Red

02/29/08 SpaceDaily: US Experiment Takes The Lead In The Competitive Race To Find Dark Matter / Dark Matter

02/28/08 SpaceDaily: Japanese scientists eye new planet / New Planets

02/28/08 Space.com: Finding Them, Finding Us

02/28/08 SpaceDaily: Life Forms Ejected On Asteroid Impact Could Survive To Reseed Earth

02/27/08 Space.com: Montana Girl Wins Planet Mnemonic Contest

02/27/08 Space.com: Super Stars Require Right Environment to Rise

02/27/08 SpaceDaily: Crystal Bells Stay Silent As Physicists Look For Dark Matter / Dark Matter

02/27/08 SpaceDaily: Spitzer's Eyes Perfect For Spotting Diamonds In The Sky

02/26/08 SpaceDaily: NASA adds technologies Web feature / NASA Home and City

02/25/08 Space.com: Underwater Robot Helps NASA Explore Europa

02/25/08 SpaceDaily: New Theory Sheds Light On Space Enigma

02/22/08 SpaceDaily: Powerful Explosions Suggest Neutron Star Missing Link

02/22/08 ESA Science: EuroNews looks at comets and asteroids

02/22/08 SpaceDaily: Powerful Explosions Suggest Neutron Star Missing Link

02/22/08 SpaceDaily: Amazing Miniaturized SIDECAR Drives Webb Telescope's Signal

02/21/08 SpaceDaily: Cosmologists glimpse biggest 'dark matter' structure everCosmologists glimpse biggest 'dark matter' structure ever / Dark Matter

02/21/08 SpaceDaily: NASA Ames Conducts Tests Of Kepler Mission Image Detectors

02/21/08 SpaceDaily: Little Green Men Will Have To Wait For A Long Time

02/20/08 SpaceDaily: Very Large Array Retooling For 21St-Century Science

02/19/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Asteroid Triple Threat / Asteroids

02/19/08 SpaceDaily: Worldwide Effort Bringing ALMA Telescope Into Reality

02/19/08 SpaceDaily: NASA Sponsors Studies Of Next Gen Astronomy Missions

02/19/08 SpaceDaily: Herschel Telescope Testing

02/18/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Amino Acid Ingredients Found in Distant Galaxy

02/18/08 SpaceDaily: Worldwide Hunt To Solve The Mystery Of Gamma-Ray Bursts

02/17/08 NASA: Many, Perhaps Most, Nearby Sun-Like Stars May Form Rocky Planets / Spitzer Space Telescope

02/16/08 Astrobiology Magazine: An Earth Hidden in Dust / Search for New Planets

02/15/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Planets of Scale / Search for New Planets

02/15/08 SpaceDaily: The Spinning Magnet Of A Sun-Like Star

02/13/08 Space.com: Triple Asteroid Found Near Earth / Asteroids

02/13/08 SpaceDaily: The Poincare Dodecahedral Space Model Gains Support To Explain The Shape Of Space

02/13/08 Space.com: Loneliest Observatory in Antarctica Looks to the Stars

02/11/08 Space.com: New Cosmic Theory Unites Dark Forces / Dark Matter

02/08/08 NASA/Science: Name that Space Telescope!

02/05/08 Space.com: Cosmic Finger Taps Our Galaxy's Shoulder

02/05/08 National Geographic: Building Blocks of Life Detected in Distant Galaxy

02/04/08 SpaceDaily: An End To A Dark Mystery That Will Simplify The Universe

02/02/08 SpaceDaily: X-rays betray giant particle accelerator in the sky

01/31/08 SpaceDaily: The Growing-Up Of A Star

01/29/08 NASA: Asteroid Zooms by Earth / See also...

01/29/08 SpaceDaily: Life On Frosted Earths

01/29/08 SpaceDaily: How Green Is My Space

01/28/08 Space.com: Rogue Stars: The Miscreants of Our Galaxy

01/28/08 Space.com: Smash! The Search for 'Sparticles'

01/28/08 NASA: Linked Hawaiian Telescopes Catch a Nova Surprise

01/25/08 SpaceDaily: The Mystery Of Jupiter's Jets Uncovered

01/25/08 SpaceDaily: Stardust Comet Dust Resembles Asteroid Materials / Stardust Comet Mission

01/24/08 NASA: Giant Storm Eruption at Jupiter Unearths a Buried Past

01/24/08 NASA/Science: A Violent History of Time

01/23/08 Space.com: A Whole New View: Hubble Overhaul to Boost Telescope's Reach / Hubble Space Telescope

01/23/08 SpaceDaily: Near-Earth Asteroid 2007 TU24 To Pass Close To Past Earth On Jan 29

01/23/08 Space.com: A Whole New View: Hubble Overhaul to Boost Telescope's Reach

01/22/08 SpaceFlight Now: Massive gas cloud speeding to collision with Milky Way

01/22/08 SpaceDaily: Could The Universe Be Tied Up With Cosmic String

01/21/08 Space.com: Amazing Old Stars Give Birth Again

01/21/08 SpaceDaily: Unusual Older Stars Giving Birth To Second Wave Of Planets

01/21/08 SpaceDaily: High-Flying Asteroid Scouts

01/18/08 Astrobiology Magazine: MARVELS of the Stars

01/18/08 SpaceDaily: Cosmic Cockroaches Develop Faster

01/17/08 Space.com: Pools of Invisible Matter Mapped in Space / Dark Matter

01/17/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Finding Planets While They're Hot

01/11/08 Space.com: Space Cloud to Collide With Our Galaxy

01/11/08 Space.com: Source of Mysterious Antimatter Found

01/11/08 SpaceDaily: Weird Object May Be Result Of Colliding Protoplanets

01/11/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Planets, Part Two

01/11/08 SpaceDaily: Circumstellar Dust Takes Flight In The Moth

01/11/08 SpaceDaily: Search For New Planets Part Of Ambitious New Sky Survey

01/10/08 SpaceDaily: New X-Ray Source In Nearby Galaxy Spawns Mystery / Centaurus A

01/10/08 Space.com: Spiral Galaxy Winds Backwards

01/10/08 Space.com: Astrobiology 101: Where Teachers are the Students

01/09/08 SpaceDaily: NASA And Gemini Probe Mysterious Distant Explosion

01/09/08 SpaceDaily: Rutgers And Penn State Astronomy Teams Discover Ancestors Of Milky Way-Type Galaxies

01/09/08 ESA Science: Integral discovers the galaxy's antimatter cloud is lopsided

01/09/08 SpaceDaily: NASA And Gemini Probe Mysterious Distant Explosion
01/09/08 Space.com: Faraway Planets Collided, Study Suggests

01/09/08 Space.com: The Surprising Evolution of Deep Space Missions

01/08/08 ESA Science: XMM-Newton gives new insight into neutron stars

01/07/08 Space.com: Our Universe: Dark and Messy

01/07/08 Space.com: Gantry Delay Pushes Back 1st Soyuz Flight from Guiana

01/07/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Organic Dust Up

01/04/08 SpaceDaily: Stardust Formed Close To Sun / Stardust

01/04/08 Astrobiology Magazine: When Planets Were Born

01/04/08 SpaceDaily: Red Dust In Planet-Forming Disk May Harbor Precursors To Life

01/04/08 SpaceDaily: LIGO Sheds Light On Cosmic Event / Gamma-ray Bursts

01/03/08 SpaceDaily: White Dwarf Pulses Like A Pulsar

01/03/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Small Rocks Make Big Impacts

01/02/08 Space.com: Young Planet Orbits Sun-Like Star

01/02/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Astrobiology Top 10: Astronomers Find Habitable Earth-like Planet

01/02/08 SpaceDaily: Anatomy Of A Cosmic Bird Reveals A Triple Cosmic Collision

01/02/08 SpaceDaily: Arecibo Observatory Spies An Asteroid Close To The Sun

01/02/08 SpaceDaily: Making It A Glast Of A New Year

01/01/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Astrobiology Top 10: Phoenix Takes Flight

12/31/07 SpaceFlight Now: NASA study reveals less water in Mars' clouds

12/31/07 SpaceFlight Now: AIM reveals unprecedented view of mysterious clouds

12/31/07 Space.com: The Enduring Mysteries of the Outer Solar System

12/31/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Astrobiology Top 10: COROT Sets its Sights on the Stars

12/31/07 SpaceDaily: Polarization Technique Focuses Limelight On Exo Planet Atmospheres

12/31/07 SpaceDaily: NASA Glast Satellite Gets Unwrapped For The Holidays

12/30/07 SpaceFlight Now: New view of distant galaxy reveals furious star formation

12/28/07 Space.com: Jets Spiral in 'Reverse Whirlpool' from Star

12/24/07 SpaceDaily: XMM-Newton Detects Pulsed Heartbeat Of A Weird New Type Of Star

12/24/07 Space.com: The Enduring Mysteries of Comets

12/23/07 Astrobiology Magazine: What Would ET See?

12/21/07 NASA: Astronomers Monitor Asteroid to Pass Near Mars

12/21/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Return To Europa: A Closer Look Is Possible

12/21/07 SpaceDaily: Suzaku Explains Cosmic Powerhouses

12/20/07 NASA/Science: 10,000 Earths' Worth of Fresh Dust Found Near Star Explosion

12/20/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Solar System Flip Flop

12/20/07 SpaceDaily: Earliest Stage Of Planet Formation Dated

12/19/07 National Geographic: Earth-Asteroid Collision Formed Moon Later Than Thought

12/19/07 Space.com: Small Asteroids Pose Big New Threat

12/18/07 SpaceDaily: Subaru Reveals Galaxy Formation From 11 Billion Years

12/17/07 Space.com: Galaxy Blasts Neighbor with Deadly Jet

12/17/07 Space.com: The Enduring Mysteries of Asteroids

12/17/07 SpaceDaily: XMM-Newton Unveils Hidden Cosmic Giant

12/14/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Hazy View of a Planet

12/13/07 NASA: NASA Sends Spacecraft on Mission to Comet Hartley 2

12/13/07 SpaceDaily: Solving A Solar System Quandary By Flip-Flopping Uranus And Neptune

12/11/07 SpaceDaily: James Webb Space Telescope Testing To Find Infrared Light For Christmas

12/10/07 Space.com: Missing Matter Caught in Tangled Cosmic Webs

12/08/07 SpaceDaily: Supercomputer Simulation Of Universe Will Search For Missing Matter

12/07/07 SpaceDaily: Messenger Exits Longest Solar Conjunction Period of Mission

12/06/07 SpaceDaily: When Do Gas Giants Reach The Point Of No Return

12/05/07 NASA: NASA Mega-Telescope Gears up to Study Cosmos

12/05/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Racing to Picture a Planet

12/05/07 SpaceDaily: Radiation Flashes May Help Crack Cosmic Mystery

12/03/07 SpaceDaily: Dark Energy -- 10 Years On

MESSENGER Mission to Mercury
Launch: August 3, 2004
MESSENGER Mission to Mercury
03/25/08 Space.com: New Theory Explains Mercury's Mysterious Cliffs

MESSENGER Mission to Mercury
Images of Mercury

03/18/08 SpaceDaily: Mercury's Shifting, Rolling Past
03/11/08 Space.com: Mysterious Craters Seen on
02/08/08 SpaceDaily: Messenger Team Begins Planning For Second Mercury Encounter
02/01/08 SpaceDaily: Mercury Magnetosphere Fends Off The Solar Wind
01/30/08 Space.com: NASA Spots Mysterious 'Spider' on Mercury
01/22/08 SpaceDaily: Mercurial Colors Makes For Subtle Eye Candy
01/22/08 SpaceDaily: Looking Toward The South Pole Of Mercury
01/21/08 NASA/Science: Mercury Flyby Sets Stage for New Discoveries
01/18/08 SpaceDaily: MESSENGER Reveals Mercury's Geological History
01/10/08 SpaceDaily: MESSENGER Team Receives First Optical Navigation Images Of Mercury As Flyby Approaches

DAWN Mission
Launch: September 27, 2007
"Dawn, will investigate two of the largest protoplanets in the main asteroid belt, Vesta and Ceres."
See Astronomy Picture of the Day

DAWN Mission
04/05/08 SpaceDaily: The Endless Dawn Of The Ion Age

02/05/08 SpaceDaily: Dawn Taking A Leisurely Interplanetary Cruise
12/25/07 SpaceDaily: Dawn Of The Ion Age
12/20/07 Space.com: Asteroid Probe Begins Interplanetary Cruise
09/25/07 Space.com: Asteroid Mission to Probe Secrets of Planet Formation
07/02/07 SpaceDaily: Ceres As An Abode Of Life

New Hoizons Mission to Pluto
Launch: January 19, 2006

New Horizons Mission to Pluto
02/25/08 SpaceDaily: New Horizons Crosses 9 AU

01/18/08 SpaceDaily: Happy Second Birthday New Horizons
11/26/07 SpaceDaily: The PI's Perspective: Autumn 2007: Onward to the Kuiper Belt
11/09/07 SpaceDaily: Data For The Next Generations
10/15/07 Space.com: Mystery of Io's Atmosphere Solved
10/11/07 SpaceDaily: New Horizons' SWAP instrument Reveals Complex Structure, Diverse Plasma Populations In Jupiter's Magnetotail
09/28/07 SpaceDaily: Maneuver Puts New Horizons On A Straight Path To Pluto
06/29/07 SpaceDaily: New Horizons Slips Into Electronic Slumber
06/05/07 SpaceDaily: Full Set Of Jupiter Close-Approach Data Reaches Home
05/01/07 NASA/Science: Fantastic Flyby
03/28/07 SpaceDaily: New Horizons Gets A Memory Bitted Jammed
02/16/07 SpaceDaily: All Calm On Approach To Jupiter For Flyby
02/09/07 SpaceDaily: New Horizons SWAP Instrument Observes Solar Wind Interactions Before Jupiter Encounter
01/24/07 SpaceDaily: One Year Down, Eight to Go, On The Road to Pluto

Venus Express (ESA)
Launch: November 9, 2005
Venus 2005
04/04/08 Space.com: Spacecraft Eyes Venus for Active Volcanoes

03/13/08 ESA Science: The puzzling 'eye of a hurricane' on Venus
02/22/08 SpaceDaily: The Light And Dark Of Venus
02/05/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Mapping Gases
12/05/07 SpaceDaily: The Restless Atmosphere Of Venus
02/27/08 SpaceDaily: How The Atmospheres Of Mars And Venus Are Affected By Carbon Monoxide

12/05/07 SpaceDaily: The Unexpected Temperature Profile Of Venus's Atmosphere
12/02/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Earth-like Venus
11/28/07 Space.com: Venus May Be Earth's Hellish Twin
09/03/07 ESA Science: 500 days at Venus, and the surprises keep coming
05/23/07 ESA Science: Ground - based observatories join forces with Venus Express
05/07/07 ESA Science: Venus Express' infrared camera goes filming
04/03/07 ESA Science: Tracking alien turbulences with Venus Express

Mars Express (ESA)
Launch: June 2, 2003
Official Website
03/20/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Mars Express reveals the Red Planet's volcanic past

NEW VIDEO: Europe Explores Mars

02/14/08 Space.com: See Mars in 3-D
01/28/08 SpaceDaily: Traces Of The Martian Past In The Terby Crater
12/12/07 SpaceDaily: Mars Express Watches A Dust Storm Engulf Mars
12/03/07 SpaceDaily: Noctis Labyrinthus, Labyrinth Of The Night
11/28/07 SpaceFlight Now: Mars Express: First global map of martian ionosphere
11/23/07 ESA Science: Mars Express - 5000 orbits and counting
11/19/07 SpaceDaily: Mars Express Creates First Global Map Of Martian Ionosphere
11/08/07 Space.com: Odd Martian Terrain Examined
11/01/07 ESA Science: Mars Express probes the Red Planet's most unusual deposits
09/12/07 ESA Science: The mysterious ridges at the mouth of Tiu Valles
08/01/07 ESA Science: Impact Craters in Tyrrhena Terra
07/19/07 SpaceDaily: Layers Exposed In Crater Near Mawrth Vallis
07/13/07 ESA Science: The origin of perennial water-ice at the South Pole of Mars
06/28/07 ESA Science: Tectonic signatures at Aeolis Mensae
04/05/07 SpaceDaily: MARSIS Radar Estimates The Volume Of Water In The South Pole Of Mars
03/15/07 ESA Science: Mars' South Pole Ice Deep and Wide
02/13/07 SpaceDaily: The First Hiking Maps Of Mars
01/25/07 Space.com: Mars' Missing Air Might Just be Hiding
01/22/07 SpaceDaily: German HRSC Onboard Mars Express Now In Its Third Year

Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX)
Mapping of the history of
star formation in the universe
Launch: April 28, 2003
04/16/08 NASA: Stellar Birth in the Galactic Wilderness

11/16/07 SpaceDaily: Watching Galaxies Grow Old Gracefully
08/16/07 NASA: Speeding-Bullet Star Leaves Enormous Streak Across Sky
07/20/07 SpaceFlight Now: Galaxy Evolution Explorer spies band of stars

Cassini Mission to Saturn
Launch: October 15, 1997
Cassini Mission to Saturn
04/18/08 NASA: Saturn Images Showcased in New York City

- Cassini's Greatest Hits: The Best of Saturn
- GALLERY: Cassini's Latest Discoveries

04/15/08 NASA: NASA Extends Cassini's Grand Tour of Saturn
04/01/08 Astrobiology Magazine: The Extraordinary Ecosystems of Enceladus
03/27/08 Space.com: Saturn Storm Has Hurricane-Like Features
03/27/08 Space.com: Seeds of Life Found Near Saturn
03/24/08 National Geographic: Icy Moon Tethys Had Ancient Underground Ocean
03/23/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Titan's Hidden Ocean
03/19/08 Astrobiology Magazine: A Brief Enceladus Shower
03/18/08 NASA/Science: The Vanishing Rings of Saturn
03/06/08 NASA: Saturn's Moon Rhea Also May Have Rings
02/26/08 Astrobiology Magazine: The Enceladus Enigma
02/26/08 SpaceDaily: High Energy Electron Holes Reveal Unseen Rings
02/13/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Titan Oil Reserves
02/13/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Plumbing Enceladus
02/06/08 SpaceDaily: Case builds for water on Saturn moon
02/06/08 SpaceDaily: The Giant Sponge Of Saturn
01/31/08 NASA: Journey to Saturn From Your Computer
01/16/08 SpaceDaily: Oscillations found in Saturn's rings
01/03/08 NASA: Hot Cyclones Churn at Both Ends of Saturn
01/03/08 SpaceDaily: A Mimas Of A View Out Saturn Way
01/02/08 SpaceDaily: Unveiling The Mountains Of Titan
12/18/07 SpaceDaily: Hot Spot On Enceladus Causes Plumes
12/14/07 SpaceDaily: Cassini Captures Best View Yet Of Saturn's Ring Currents
12/13/07 SpaceDaily: Saturn Rings May Be Old Timers
12/12/07 SpaceFlight Now: Planetary scientists close in on Saturn's elusive rotation
12/06/07 NASA: Images of Saturn's Small Moons Tell the Story of Their Origins
11/29/07 SpaceDaily: Organic Building Blocks Discovered In Titan's Atmosphere
10/25/07 SpaceDaily: New CU-Boulder Study Confirms First-Known Belt Of Moonlets In Saturn Rings
10/18/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Fueling Hot Jets
10/16/07 SpaceDaily: Inspiring Views Celebrate Cassini's Diamond Anniversary
10/12/07 NASA/Science: New Lakes Discovered on Titan
10/11/07 SpaceDaily: Cassini Pinpoints Hot Sources Of Jets On Enceladus
10/08/07 ESA Science: Cassini on the trail of a runaway mystery
10/03/07 SpaceFlight Now: Though colder than Earth, Titan is tropical in nature
09/26/07 Space.com: Huygens Data Paint Turbulent Picture of Titan
09/12/07 NASA: Saturn's Moon Iapetus Is the Yin-and-Yang of the Solar System
08/17/07 SpaceDaily: Frigid Enceladus: An Unlikely Harbor For Life
08/03/07 ESA Science: Possible origin of Saturn's mysterious G ring
07/17/07 NASA: Saturn's Old Moon Iapetus Retains Its Youthful Figure
07/11/07 SpaceDaily: Ring Herding
07/04/07 NASA: NASA Finds Hydrocarbons on Saturn's Moon Hyperion
06/14/07 NASA: Cassini Finds Saturn Moons are Active
06/12/07 Space.com: Earth's Future Glimpsed on Titan
06/01/07 ESA Science: Building our new view of Titan
05/24/07 SpaceDaily: Coasts And Drowned Mountains
05/22/07 NASA: Cassini 'Cat Scan' Maps Clumps in Saturn's Rings
05/21/07 SpaceDaily: Around Iapetus Way
05/11/07 SpaceDaily: Cassini Spacecraft Reveals Evidence Of Tholin Formation At High Altitudes In Titan's Atmosphere
04/05/07 SpaceDaily: Cassini Highlights The Enceladus Surprise Packet
03/27/07 NASA: Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn
03/26/07 Space.com: Astronomers Puzzled by Titan's Missing Craters
03/22/07 ESA Science: Enceladus geysers mask the length of Saturn's day
02/06/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Titan's Winter Storm
02/05/07 SpaceDaily: Saturn and Its Complex Family Of Moons and Rings Unveiled
02/01/07 ESA Science: Cassini images mammoth cloud engulfing Titan's North Pole
01/26/07 SpaceFlight Now: Psychedelic Saturn
01/26/07 SpaceFlight Now: Shadows on ice
01/26/07 SpaceFlight Now: Pan's progress
01/25/07 SpaceDaily: The Jet Stream Of Titan
01/17/07 SpaceDaily: Map Of Titan With Labels
01/09/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Titan's Liquid Lakes

Mars Science Laboratory
Launch: 2009
Official Website
11/29/06 Space.com: Mars Science Laboratory: Engineers, Scientists Tackle Challenges

Voyager 1 and 2
Voyager 1 and 2
12/10/07 NASA: Voyager 2 Proves Solar System is Squashed

11/27/07 SpaceFlight Now: Voyager 2 to reach major milestone in space
09/18/07 SpaceDaily: The Light Of Alien Life
09/09/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Voyager at 30
08/20/07 NASA: Pioneering NASA Spacecraft Mark Thirty Years of Flight

Spitzer Space Telescope
Spitzer Website
Spitzer Space Telescope 04/10/08 NASA: Spitzer Sees Shining Stellar Sphere
Spitzer Space Telescope 03/13/08 NASA: Spitzer Finds Organics and Water Where New Planets May Grow
Spitzer Space Telescope 02/11/08 NASA: Spitzer Catches Young Stars in Their Baby Blanket of Dust
Spitzer Space Telescope 01/29/08 SpaceDaily: Cosmic Suburbia Is A Better Breeding Ground For Stars

Spitzer Articles / Images / Downloads

Hubble Space Telescope
HubbleSite / Hubble and Chandra Tracker
Hubble Space Telescope 04/10/08 SpaceFlight Now: Hubble pinpoints record-breaking explosion
Hubble Space Telescope 02/05/08 SpaceDaily: The Last Confessions Of A Dying Star
Hubble Space Telescope 02/12/08 NASA: Astronomers Eye Ultra-Young, Bright Galaxy in Early Universe
Hubble Space Telescope 02/08/08 SpaceDaily: Gargantuan Galaxy NGC 1132 - A Cosmic Fossil

- Gallery: Hubble's Latest Photographs
- Hubble: Solved and Unsolved Mysteries
- Sky-High Technology: A Multimedia Adventure: Hubble's Legacy and the Future of Telescopes.

Chandra X-ray Telescope
Chandra Website
Chandra X-ray Telescope 03/18/08 SpaceDaily: An Oxygen Factory In A Nearby Galaxy
Chandra X-ray Telescope 02/15/08 SpaceDaily : Possible Progenitor Of Special Supernova Type Detected
Chandra X-ray Telescope 01/14/08 SpaceDaily : NASA Scientists Predict Black Hole Light Echo Show
Chandra X-ray Telescope 01/14/08 SpaceDaily: Chandra Data Reveal Rapidly Whirling Black Holes

· VIDEO: Chandra: A Great Observatory
· The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall: Large Stars as observed with Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

Search for New Planets
04/02/08 SpaceDaily: Scientists Discover 10 New Planets Outside Solar System
02/28/08 SpaceDaily: Japanese scientists eye new planet
02/16/08 Astrobiology Magazine: An Earth Hidden in
02/15/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Planets of Scale
01/11/08 SpaceDaily: Search For New Planets Part Of Ambitious New Sky Survey
01/02/08 Space.com: Young Planet Orbits Sun-Like Star
11/08/07 Space.com: Newfound Planets are Scorching
11/06/07 NASA: Scientists Discover Record Fifth Planet Orbiting Nearby Star
09/20/07 SpaceFlight Now: Planet discovered that offers clues to Earth's future
08/07/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Orbiting a Red Giant
08/02/07 SpaceFlight Now: Planet orbiting a giant red star discovered
06/20/07 SpaceDaily: Computer Models Suggest Planetary And Extrasolar Planet Atmospheres
06/14/07 Space.com: Planets: The Grand Tally
06/13/07 SpaceDaily: Massive Transiting Planet with 31-hour Year Found Around Distant Star
06/11/07 Space.com: Trickle of Planet Discoveries Becomes a Flood
06/03/07 SpaceFlight Now: Planet found with a year lasting just 31 hours
06/01/07 SpaceDaily: NASA Space Telescope Gives Scientists Depth Perception
05/02/07 SpaceFlight Now: Astronomers discover a super-massive planet
05/01/07 Space.com: Dark Future Predicted for the Universe
04/25/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Astronomers Find Habitable Earth-like Planet

. Terrestrial Planet Finder
. Discovery of Extrasolar Planets
. The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia

Planets (Recognized)

Mercury / Venus / Earth / Mars / Jupiter / Saturn
Uranus / Neptune / Pluto Eris / Ceres

· Einstein Revealed: Meet the young patent clerk whose ideas about light, space, and time have transformed our view of the universe
· About.com: Astronomy 101 - Free Astronomy Course
· Space.com: Mysteries of Mercury: New Search for Heat and Ice
· BBC: Comet science

ALH84001 Meteorite

ALH84001 Meteorite ALH84001 Meteorite
(Photos by NASA)
10/23/02 BBC: Martian rock 'does contain life'
05/14/02 Space.com: 'Mars Meteorite's' Link to Life Questioned
03/20/02 Space.com: Controversy Continues: Mars Meteorite Clings to Life - Or Does It?

Dark Matter
Dark Matter 03/31/08 SpaceDaily: Why Matter Matters In The Universe
02/29/08 SpaceDaily: US Experiment Takes The Lead In The Competitive Race To Find Dark Matter
02/27/08 SpaceDaily: Crystal Bells Stay Silent As Physicists Look For Dark Matter
02/21/08 SpaceDaily: Cosmologists glimpse biggest 'dark matter' structure ever
02/11/08 Space.com: New Cosmic Theory Unites Dark Forces
01/17/08 Space.com: Pools of Invisible Matter Mapped in Space
12/10/07 Space.com: Missing Matter Caught in Tangled Cosmic Webs
12/03/07 SpaceDaily: Dark Energy -- 10 Years On
10/29/07 Space.com: Scientists Say Dark Matter Doesn't Exist
10/25/07 SpaceDaily: Dwarf Galaxies Need Dark Matter Too
10/08/07 Space.com: Invisible Matter Won't Disappear Anytime Soon
10/03/07 SpaceDaily: The Dark Matter Of The Universe Has A Long Lifetime
09/11/07 Space.com: Small 'Hobbit' Galaxies Made Almost Entirely of Dark Matter
08/17/07 SpaceDaily: Dark Matter Mystery Deepens In Cosmic Train Wreck
05/29/07 SpaceDaily: Matters Beyond Beyond
05/03/07 SpaceDaily: New VERITAS Telescope Array May Help Find Dark Matter
04/19/07 SpaceDaily: Dark Matter Charted Out To Five Billion Light Years
02/12/07 SpaceDaily: Clustering Of Quasars 10 Billion Light Years Away Determine Relationship With Dark Matter
01/23/07 SpaceDaily: Dark Energy May Be Vacuum
01/07/07 ESA Science: First 3D map of the Universe's dark matter scaffolding
01/03/07 SpaceDaily: Radio Telescopes Could Make Dark Matter Visible


COMETS: McNaught / SWAN / Holmes / Hale-Bopp
Hyakutake / Ikeya-Seki / Greatest Comets of All Time

01/04/08 Space.com: Old Comets for a New Year
11/25/07 SpaceFlight Now: A last look at Comet Holmes
11/15/07 Space.com: Incredible Comet Bigger than the Sun
10/05/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Catching the Tail of a Comet
10/01/07 NASA/Science: The Sun Rips Off a Comet's Tail
09/26/07 ESA Science: SOHO's new catch: its first officially periodic comet
08/23/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Comet Cools Clovis
08/17/07 SpaceDaily: Comet Probes Reveal Evidence Of Origin Of Life
07/30/07 SpaceDaily: A Conteki Return To Encke
07/30/07 SpaceDaily: Exploring The Comets Of Sol
07/24/07 SpaceDaily: Life of a Comet Hunter: Messier and Astrobiology
07/08/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Dynamic Duo
03/30/07 Space.com: New Green Comet Set for April Show
03/26/07 Space.com: Green Comet Spotted Down Under
01/17/07 SpaceDaily: Brightest Comet Ever Observed By Soho
01/16/07 SpaceDaily: Brightest Comet In 40 Years

Rosetta Comet Mission
Rendezvous with
Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Launch: March 2, 2004 / Encounter: November 2014
Images: European Space Agency (ESA)
11/15/07 ESA Science: Rosetta: OSIRIS' view of Earth by night

11/13/07 ESA Science: Rosetta swing-by a success
09/11/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Lumpy, Bumpy, Fluffy and Layered
03/20/07 ESA Science: OSIRIS camera on Rosetta obtains 'light curve' of asteroid Steins
02/15/07 SpaceDaily: Rosetta Trajectory Correction Manoeuvre On Route For Mars Flyby
01/26/07 ESA Science: Lutetia asteroid in Rosetta's spotlight

Stardust Comet Mission
Launched February 6, 1999 / Return: January 2006
Encounter with Comet Wild-2 in 2004!
NEW MISSION: Encounter with Tempel 1
Stardust Project
04/04/08 SpaceDaily: Stardust Stars On Earth As It Does In The Heavens

02/08/08 SpaceDaily: NASA Comet Dust Lands In Manchester
01/31/08 Astrobiology Magazine: A Comet Continuum
01/04/08 SpaceDaily: Stardust Formed Close To Sun
08/08/07 SpaceDaily: Stardust On Way Back To Tempel 1
04/19/07 SpaceDaily: UK Scientists Sift Superfine Stardust
04/10/07 SpaceDaily: Deep Pockets On Earth Goes Along Way In Deep Space
02/07/07 SpaceDaily: Stardust Responds On First Command From Earth
01/06/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Astrobiology Top 10: Stardust

Deep Impact Comet Mission
Launch: January 12, 2005
Encounter with comet Tempel 1 on July 4, 2005
Deep Impact
02/08/08 Space.com: NASA Probe Begins Hunt for Alien Planets

01/01/08 Space.com: Comet Probe Flies Past Earth
12/13/07 NASA: Deep Impact has New Mission for New Year
04/09/07 SpaceDaily: Deep Impact Extended Mission To Probe Deeper Into Solar System Origin
04/04/06 SpaceFlight Now: Massive amounts of water released by comet hit

Gamma-ray Bursts
GROND Takes Off 03/06/08 SpaceDaily: GLAST Spacecraft Arrives in Florida To Prepare For Launch

- NASA: The Mystery of Gamma Ray Bursts
- HETE-2 Satellite

03/20/08 SpaceDaily: Naked-eye Gamma Ray Burst
01/09/08 SpaceDaily: Mystery gamma-ray source pinned to vampire stars
01/04/08 SpaceDaily: LIGO Sheds Light On Cosmic Event
07/13/07 SpaceDaily: GROND Takes Off
05/23/07 SpaceDaily: Gamma-Ray Bursts Active Longer Than Thought
02/12/07 SpaceDaily: Magnetic Explosions In The Distant Universe Get The Gamma Going

Meteor Showers

- Listen to the sound of falling meteors
- Major Meteor Showers in 2007

04/03/08 Space.com: The Mother of All Meteor Storms
03/13/08 Space.com: Meteor Videotaped Plunging to Earth
03/11/08 Space.com: Big Crater Carved By Mysterious Meteorite / PHOTO
10/11/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Robotic Rockhounds
08/07/07 SpaceDaily: Crystals On Meteorite Reveal Clues To Early Solar System Evolution
08/07/07 Space.com: Mars Meteorites Create Water Mystery
07/15/07 Space.com: Forest Fire Leads to Ancient Meteorite Discovery
05/08/07 SpaceDaily: Researchers Find Meteorite Fragments In Altai
12/03/06 Astrobiology Magazine: Finding Our Origin in a Meteorite


· Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT)
· Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR-Shoemaker)

- Japan's Sample return mission to Asteroid Itokawa
- About Asteroid Itokawa

Will a Killer Asteroid Hit the Earth? / Asteroid Albert
VIDEO: The Asteroid Paradox

04/17/08 SpaceDaily: Osmium Tracks Earth Impacts
04/10/08 Space.com: Seawater Holds Clues to Asteroid Impacts
03/25/08 Astrobiology Magazine: The Oldest Asteroids
03/17/08 SpaceDaily: Two college students find asteroid
02/19/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Asteroid Triple Threat
02/13/08 Space.com: Triple Asteroid Found Near Earth
01/29/08 NASA: Asteroid Zooms by Earth / See also...
01/03/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Small Rocks Make Big Impacts
12/21/07 NASA: Astronomers Monitor Asteroid to Pass Near Mars
12/19/07 National Geographic: Earth-Asteroid Collision Formed Moon Later Than Thought
12/19/07 Space.com: Small Asteroids Pose Big New Threat
12/17/07 Space.com: The Enduring Mysteries of Asteroids
11/26/07 SpaceDaily: Predicting Apophis' Earth Encounters In 2029 And 2036
10/18/07 Space.com: Potentially Dangerous Space Rock Lost and Found
10/16/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Analyzing Apophis
10/09/07 SpaceDaily: Long-Lost, Dangerous Asteroid Is Found Again
09/25/07 SpaceDaily: Thompson Files: To save humanity
09/22/07 ESA Science: The Threat of Small Rocks
09/05/07 Space.com: Dino-Killing Asteroid Traced to Cosmic Collision
08/21/07 Space.com: Strange Asteroids Baffle Scientists
06/15/07 NASA/Science: Voyage to the Giant Asteroids
04/20/07 SpaceDaily: Scientists Find Migrating Regolith On Tiny Asteroid Itokawa
04/17/07 SpaceDaily: Hayabusa Mission Struggles On
03/30/07 SpaceDaily: Amateur And Professionals Astronomers Combine Observations To Produce Double Asteroid Image
01/10/07 SpaceDaily: New Evidence Of Extrasolar Asteroid Belt

Life and Origins

Astrobiology Magazine: Articles on Science and Research

Astrobiology Institute: "...the scientific study of the origin, distribution, and future of life in the universe" (NASA)

The Astrobiology Web: "Your Online Guide to the Living Universe"

The Mystery of Human Origins: From the present day search to the seeding of life on Earth

01/10/08 Space.com: Astrobiology 101: Where Teachers are the Students

KEO · LAUNCH 2009 or 2010
Keo will fly through time and space for 50,000 years before returning to Earth to deliver everyone's message to future generations!

KEO - The 50,000-Year Mission to Earth
- KEO: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Viking Mission to Mars Viking Mission to Mars 07/14/06 NASA: NASA's Marks 30th Anniversary of Mars Viking Mission


Interviews with Cassie Conley,
NASA’s Planetary Protection Officer:

. Part I - Keeping It Clean
. Part II - Containing ET
. Part III - Restricted Zone
Andromeda Galaxy / Milky Way / Supernova / Nebula
Constellation / Big Dipper / Little Dipper (Ursa Minor)

External Links
Galileo Project / Galileo Demonstrates the Telescope
10/30/05 SpaceDaily: Chinese Archaeologists Find One Of World's Oldest Observatories / Hubble and Shuttle Sightings

Listing of Telescopes & Observatories

Sky & Telescope Astro Listings of
Museums, Planetariums, Observatories, and Clubs
Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics (ASCA) - Japan
Allen Telescope Array - SETI - California
Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO)
Arecibo Observatory - Puerto Rico
Auger Project - Argentina
Beijing Astronomical Observatory (BAO)
Boomerang Telescope
Cangaroo II - Australia
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Chandra X-ray Telescope
Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
Gemini Observatory
Green Bank Telescope
Griffith Observatory - Los Angeles
Haleakala Observatories - Hawaii
Herschel Space Observatory - ESA
High Resolution Fly's Eye Cosmic Ray Observatory
Hubble Space Telescope
Infrared Space Observatory (ISO-ESA)
Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) - Hawaii
Integral - ESA (gamma-ray telescope)
International Space Station - Amateur Telescope
Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
James Clerk Maxwell Tel - Hawaii
James Webb Telescope-JWST
Jodrell Bank Observatory - UK
Katzman Automatic Imaging Tel (KAIT)
Keck Observatory - Hawaii
Large Millimeter Telescope
LaSilla Observatory - Chile
Leviathan of Parsonstown
Lowell Observatory - Arizona
McDonald Observatory - U of Texas
Mauna Kea Observatories - Hawaii
MMT Observatory - Arizona
Mount Wilson Observatory - California National Radio Astronomy Obs - Arizona
National Solar Observatory - Arizona, U.S. & New Mexico
Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer
Next Generation Space Telescope (renamed to James Webb Telescope)
Palomar Observatory - Hawaii
Parkes Observatory - Australia
Pulkovo Observatory - Saint-Petersburg
Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
SOFIA - Airborne Observatory
SOHO - Earth's Sun
Spaceguard UK
Space InfraRed Telescope Facility (SPITZER)
Spacewatch 0.9-meter Tel - Arizona
Subaru Telescope - Japan
Two-Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS)
Vatican Observatory
Very Large Array (VLA)
Very Large Telescope (VLT)
X-ray Multi-Mirror Telescope (XMM-Newton)
Yohkoh X-ray Observatory - Japan