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Space Picture
Wind from a Black Hole

Credit with image

Space Picture
GRO J1655-40: Evidence for a Spinning Black Hole

Credit with image

Space Picture
NGC 4696: Energy from a Black Hole

Credit with image

Space Picture
Binary Black Hole in 3C 75

Credit with image

Daily News

04/18/08 National Geographic: "Sleeping" Black Hole Briefly Awoke in 1700s

04/16/08 SpaceDaily: Milky Way's Giant Black Hole Awoke From Slumber 300 Years Ago

04/10/08 SpaceDaily: RIT Team Simulates First Merger Of Three Black Holes On A Supercomputer

Space Picture
NGC 5139: Omega Centauri

Credit with image

04/02/08 Space.com: Mid-Size Black Hole Answers Longstanding Question

04/01/08 Space.com: Smallest Black Hole Found

03/06/08 Space.com: Black Hole Effect Created in Lab

02/11/08 SpaceDaily: Syracuse Supercomputer Will Help Scientists Listen For A Symphony Of Black Holes

01/30/08 SpaceDaily: Unusual Supernovae May Reveal Intermediate-Mass Black Holes In Globular Clusters

01/10/08 SpaceFlight Now: NASA scientists predict black hole light echo show

01/10/08 SpaceDaily: Galaxy May Hold Hundreds Of Rogue Black Holes

Black Hole Images
Chandra X-ray Telescope 01/14/08 SpaceDaily: Jet Power And Black Hole Assortment Revealed In New Chandra Image
Chandra X-ray Telescope 01/14/08 SpaceDaily: Chandra Data Reveal Rapidly Whirling Black Holes
Spitzer Space Telescope 01/10/08 NASA: Even Thin Galaxies Can Grow Fat Black Holes
Hubble Space Telescope 08/06/07 SpaceDaily: Black Holes In Feeding Frenzy
Chandra X-ray Telescope 07/24/07 SpaceFlight Now: Chandra telescope catches 'piranha' black holes
Chandra X-ray Telescope 04/12/07 NASA/Science: Black Hole Eclipse         
Chandra X-ray Telescope 01/10/07 SpaceFlight Now: Chandra finds light echo from Milky Way's black hole
Space Picture 10/06/06 Space.com: Black Hole Belts Out Discordant Musical
Black Hole 01/13/00 HubbleSite: Lone Black Holes Discovered Adrift in the Galaxy
Black Hole 06/30/98 HubbleSite: Dust Disk Around a Massive Black Hole
Black Hole 11/07/97 APOD: Evidence for Frame Dragging Black Holes
Black Hole 06/13/97 APOD: Streaming From A Black Hole       
Black Hole 05/16/97 APOD: Signed, "A Black Hole"              
Black Hole 04/05/97 APOD: A Black Hole in M87?               
Black Hole 01/15/97 APOD: Black Holes Signature From Advective Disks
Black Hole 01/14/97 APOD: Black Holes in Galactic Centers
Black Hole 01/05/97 APOD: Too Close to a Black Hole       
Black Hole 12/30/95 APOD: LMC X-1: A Black Hole Candidate
Black Hole Studies
Interplayer: Black Holes: Warping Space and Time
VIDEO: Sorting Out Black Holes
WebPhysics: Virtual Trips to Black Holes
SSU Projects: The Search For Real Black Holes
ThinkQuest: Black Holes: Portals into the Unkown

University of California: Black Holes FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

University of Michigan: Geometry Around Black Holes - A WWW Exhibition in Relativistic Computer Dynamics and Visualization

Cambridge University: Black Holes (includes good introduction)

Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics: Universe Forum--Black Holes

University of Texas: Scientific movies on Black Holes - Evolving Boosted Black Holes - Interesting technical info on the Schwarzschild black hole