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Space Picture
Bacteriophages: The Most Common
Life-Like Form on Earth

Credit with image

Daily News

04/21/08 SpaceDaily: Vietnam's First Satellite Launched After 13-Year Preparation

04/20/08 Astrobiology Magazine: DNA Barcodes / Planet Earth

04/19/08 Astrobiology Magazine: The Quantity and Quality of Radiation

04/18/08 SpaceDaily: Indian Government Actively Considering Sending Man Into Space

04/18/08 SpaceDaily: NASA official envisions six-month stays on the moon / Earth's Moon

04/18/08 SpaceDaily: Is There Anybody Out There

04/19/08 Space.com: Ariane 5 Rocket Successfully Orbits Satellite Pair

04/18/08 National Geographic: "Sleeping" Black Hole Briefly Awoke in 1700s / Black Holes

04/18/08 SpaceFlight Now: First satellite for Vietnam, another for Brazil launched

04/18/08 Space.com: NASA Broadcasts Earth Views in High Definition / Planet Earth

04/18/08 Space.com: Strange Things Happen at Full Moon

04/18/08 Space.com: See Mercury, the Elusive Planet

04/18/08 NASA: Saturn Images Showcased in New York City / Cassini Mission to Saturn

04/18/08 ESA Science: Solar flares set the Sun quaking / Earth's Sun

04/17/08 SpaceDaily: Osmium Tracks Earth Impacts

04/17/08 NASA: New Atlases Use NASA Data to Chart Ocean Winds / Earth's Sun

04/17/08 Space.com: The Future of Space Science

04/17/08 Space.com: Earth Set to Invade Mars

04/17/08 Space.com: The Future of Space Science

04/17/08 Astrobiology Magazine: The Drifting Star

04/17/08 NASA/Science: The Moon and the Magnetotail / Earth's Moon / Planet Earth

04/17/08 SpaceDaily: C/NOFS Satellite Built By General Dynamics Successfully Launched From Reagan Test Site

04/17/08 SpaceDaily: Its A Go For Arianespace's Second Ariane 5 Mission Of 2008

04/17/08 SpaceDaily: Northrop Grumman Submits Proposal For GOES-R To NASA

04/17/08 SpaceDaily: Kelly Space And Technology Opens East Coast Operation In Rhode Island

04/16/08 SpaceDaily: German whizzkid got it wrong: NASA

04/16/08 SpaceDaily: Russia Continues Flight Simulation Experiments For Mars-500

04/16/08 SpaceDaily: Russia To Build New Space Center In The Far East

04/16/08 SpaceDaily: Gravity Wave Smoking Gun Fizzles

04/16/08 NASA: Stellar Birth in the Galactic Wilderness / Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX)

04/16/08 NASA: NASA Statement on Student Asteroid Calculations

04/16/08 SpaceDaily: Milky Way's Giant Black Hole Awoke From Slumber 300 Years Ago / Black Holes

04/16/08 SpaceDaily: Osmium Tracks Earth Impacts

04/16/08 Space.com: Largest Telescope Would Be Out of this World

04/16/08 LiveScience: Earth's Hum Sounds More Mysterious Than Ever / Planet Earth

04/16/08 SpaceDaily: Osmium Tracks Earth Impacts / Planet Earth

04/16/08 ESA Science: Recruitment and assignment of Directors at ESA

04/16/08 Space.com: Long Space Missions Risk Cancer and Premature Aging

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: Intelligence: A Rare Cosmic Commodity

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: Missions To Mars

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: President's Speech From The French Norwegian Space Forum In Oslo

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: Delta II Rocket Coming Together For NASA's GLAST Satellite Launch

04/15/08 SpaceFlight Now: Controllers working to keep Ulysses sun orbiter alive / Earth's Sun

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: In last Soviet outpost, space pioneers cling on

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: NASA's Marshall Center Readies Historic, Apollo-Era Test Stand For Testing Of Ares I

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: Russia To Test Flight New-Generation Space Rocket In 2010

04/15/08 ESA Science: Toulouse centre stage for space exploration / Cassini Mission to Saturn

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: China Launches New Space Tracking Ship To Serve Shenzhou VII

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: Planck Spacecraft Fine Balancing in LSS

04/15/08 Space.com: NASA, Europe Explore Joint Mission to Outer Planets

04/15/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Building a Super Greenhouse / Planet Earth

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: Space Research Can Improve Life On Earth / Planet Earth

04/15/08 SpaceDaily: Journey To The Center Of The Earth: Discovery Sheds Light On Mantle Formation / Planet Earth

04/14/08 Space.com: Holes in the Earth: 170 and Counting / Planet Earth

04/14/08 Space.com: Rocket Racing League Sets Date for Exhibition Race

04/14/08 SpaceDaily: Russia To Create Manned Assembly Complex In Orbit

04/14/08 Space.com: Beauty Shot: Moon Probe Catches Full Earthrise

04/14/08 Space.com: Astrium's Assurances Sealed Deal for SSTL Acquisition

04/14/08 SpaceDaily: Opportunity Continues Reading The Story In The Rocks / Mars Exploration Rover 2003

04/14/08 ESA Science: Contract signed for ESA's Sentinel-3 earth observation satellite

04/14/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Intelligence: A Rare Cosmic Commodity / Life & Origins articles

04/14/08 SpaceDaily: The Largest Synthesized Telescope In Europe Doubles Its Surface

04/14/08 SpaceDaily: ISRO's Licensing Role Comes Under US Scrutiny

04/14/08 SpaceDaily: Lockheed Martin Set For Launch Of ICO G1 Spacecraft

04/14/08 SpaceDaily: Scrap unlucky 13th mission: Russian space chief

04/14/08 SpaceDaily: Russia Should Promote Hi-Tech, Not Just Space Services - Putin

04/12/08 SpaceDaily: Roskosmos supports space tourism

04/12/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Star, Dwarf, Planet

04/11/08 National Geographic: Mysterious "Super Earth" Is Smallest Known Exoplanet?

04/11/08 Space.com: Russian President Vows to Boost Space Industry

04/11/08 Space.com: Russia Opens Monument to Space Dog Laika

04/11/08 ESA Science: Tourist information wherever you are

04/11/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Colorful Phobos / Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

04/11/08 Space.com: Lunar Science Community Needs Rebuilding, Researchers Say / Earth's Moon

04/10/08 SpaceDaily: Canada rejects sale of space firm to US defense firm

04/10/08 NASA/Science: Moondust in the Wind / Earth's Moon

04/10/08 SpaceDaily: NASA Sets Sights On Lunar Dust Exploration Mission / Earth's Moon

04/10/08 NASA: NASA Spacecraft Fine Tunes Course for Mars Landing / Phoenix Mars Lander

04/10/08 NASA: Spitzer Sees Shining Stellar Sphere / Spitzer Space Telescope

04/10/08 SpaceFlight Now: Hubble pinpoints record-breaking explosion / Hubble Space Telescope

04/10/08 Space.com: 'Aliens' Attacking Bosnian Man with Meteorites

04/10/08 Space.com: Seawater Holds Clues to Asteroid Impacts / Asteroids

04/10/08 SpaceDaily: RIT Team Simulates First Merger Of Three Black Holes On A Supercomputer / Black Holes

04/10/08 SpaceDaily: Boeing Patent Shuts Down AMC-14 Lunar Flyby Salvage Attempt

World Time Zone Map
Also locate any town or city and get info about it.
NEW VIDEO: Moon Probe Catches Full Earthrise!

04/11/08 Space.com: The Greatest Lunar Crashes Ever

WEEK IN PHOTOS: Biggest BBQ, Pinwheel Galaxy, More

Space.com: NEW VIDEO: Europe Explores Mars / Mars Express (ESA)

04/11/08 Space.com: Two Dog Night in the Sky

03/28/08 Space.com: Inside Leo the Lion

ISS Official Website International Space Station
Overview / Photos / Sightings
ISS Mission Coverage / Launches / Spacewalks:
- NASA TV - Click on "Launch NASA TV Viewer"
- OR Get Full Coverage at Space.com

04/19/08 Space.com: Space Station Astronauts Land Off-Target, But Safely
04/16/08 Space.com: Space Station Commander Sets New U.S. Record
04/16/08 Space.com: Next Space Tourist to Take Custom Snapshots of Earth
04/16/08 SpaceDaily: NASA Awards Space Station Water Contract To Hamilton Sundstrand

04/14/08 SpaceDaily: Russia Needs Billions More To Complete It's ISS Segment
04/12/08 SpaceDaily: Korean cosmonaut shares culture in space
04/12/08 SpaceDaily: South Korean To Star In Space Sing-Song
04/08/08 Space.com: Shuttle Extension Plan Won't Fly With Safety

Jules Verne ATV 04/03/0 ESA Science: Europe’s automated ship docks to the ISS
NEW VIDEO: Replay of first docking
VIDEO: Europe's Special Delivery to Space Station
VIDEO: Europe's 'Jules Verne' Launches Into Space

About Jules Verne / Blog

Columbus Module
Columbus Mission / Blog
VIDEO / Views of Earth
Dextre Robotic Arm
Dextre Robotic Arm

Phoenix Mars Lander
Launch: August 4, 2007 - Land: May 25, 2008
PHOENIX "will look beneath a frigid arctic landscape for conditions favorable to past or present life."
04/10/08 NASA: NASA Spacecraft Fine Tunes Course for Mars Landing

VIDEO: NASA's Phoenix: Rising to the Red Planet

02/28/08 ESA Science: Mars Express one of three orbiters preparing for Phoenix landing
10/30/07 NASA: Phoenix:Tasks En Route to Mars Include Course Tweak, Gear Checks
09/10/07 SpaceDaily: First Image From Phoenix Mars Lander Camera Received On Earth
09/07/07 ESA Science: ESA support to NASA Phoenix highlights beneficial Mars cooperation
08/02/07 SpaceDaily: Phoenix Will Dig For Water And Life On Edge Of Northern Polar Zone Of Mars
07/26/07 SpaceDaily: Search For Life In Martian Ice Relies On UK Technology
07/06/07 SpaceDaily: One Image Planned During Descent Of Phoenix

Mars Exploration Rover 2003
"Spirit" Launch: June 10, 2003
"Opportunity" Launch: July 7, 2003
Official Website
04/14/08 SpaceDaily: Opportunity Continues Reading The Story In The Rocks

Top 10 Mars Rovers' Most Amazing Discoveries

04/10/08 SpaceDaily: Spirit Advances Toward Midwinter
04/07/08 SpaceDaily: Mars Rover Opportunity Completes Dental Checkup At Victoria Crater's Duck Bay
04/07/08 SpaceDaily: Spirit Phones Home To Reset Clock As Energy Levels Plummet For Mars Rover
03/28/08 SpaceDaily: Mars Robotic Rover Opportunity Finds More Evidence Of Ancient Water
03/27/08 SpaceDaily: Spirit Begins Preparing For Another Winter Hibernation
03/26/08 Space.com: NASA: Mars Rovers Won't Be Cut
03/25/08 SpaceDaily: Sturdy Rover Gets No Penalty For Tilting
03/25/08 SpaceDaily: Multi-Tasking Rover Helps Pave The Way For Next Mars Mission
03/24/08 Space.com: Budget Cuts Could Shut Down Mars Rover
03/05/08 SpaceDaily: Tenacious Spirit Might See Rover Through Martian Winter
02/29/08 SpaceDaily: Opportunity Proceeds With Caution On Sandy Slopes
02/15/08 NASA: Mars Rovers Sharpen Questions About Livable Conditions
02/10/08 SpaceDaily: Still Grinding After All These Years Makes For Much Opportunity
01/28/08 SpaceDaily: Lyell Panorama Inside Victoria Crater Mars Four Years On Mars
01/04/08 SpaceDaily: Spirit's West Valley Panorama
01/03/08 Space.com: 4 years on Mars: Rovers Continue to Amaze
12/31/07 SpaceDaily: Mars Rovers Find Evidence Of Habitable Niche As Perilous Third Winter Approaches
12/19/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Mars Rover Investigates Signs of Steamy Martian Past
12/13/07 SpaceDaily: Mars Orbiter Examines Lace And Lizard Skin Terrain
12/11/07 SpaceDaily: Opportunity Grinds Into Rock In Victoria Crater
11/26/07 SpaceDaily: Opportunity Peers Beneath Surface Of Bathtub Ring
10/31/07 SpaceDaily: Spirit Continues Studies Of Rocks On Home Plate
10/01/07 SpaceDaily: Duck Bay, Victoria Crater, Planet Mars
09/25/07 SpaceDaily: Mars Gully: No Mineral Trace Of Liquid Water
05/22/07 NASA: Mars Rover Spirit Unearths Surprise Evidence of Wetter Past
05/03/07 NASA: NASA's Mars Rover Finds Evidence of Ancient Volcanic Explosion
04/25/07 SpaceDaily: Imaging Alicante At Crater Victoria
02/09/07 SpaceDaily: Detailing A Winter Haven On Mars At Gusev Crater
01/24/07 SpaceDaily: A Stellar Moment Frozen In Martian Time

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Launch: August 11, 2005
Official Website
04/11/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Colorful Phobos

- New Hi-Res Color Images of Mars Released
- HiRISE: High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter)

03/06/08 Space.com: Once-Habitable Lake Found on Mars
03/03/08 NASA: NASA Spacecraft Photographs Avalanches on Mars
01/30/08 Astrobiology Magazine: Wind-Driven Geology
12/11/07 Space.com: Strange Shapes Seen on Mars
11/28/07 SpaceDaily: New Views Of Martian Moons
10/10/07 NASA: NASA Orbiter Provides Color Views of Mars Landing Site Candidates
09/21/07 NASA: NASA Orbiter Provides Insights About Mars Water and Climate
08/24/07 NASA: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Status Report: Camera Concern Resolved; More Than 3,000 Images Returned
02/15/07 NASA: NASA Mars Orbiter Sees Effects of Ancient Underground Fluids
02/09/07 SpaceDaily: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter CCDs On The Blink
01/25/07 SpaceDaily: HiRise Camera Shows Mojave Crater Peak Is High And Dry
01/04/07 Astrobiology Magazine: Astrobiology Top 10: MRO

2001 Mars Odyssey
Launch: April 7, 2001
Odyssey Image
Newton Crater
Odyssey Image
03/22/08 Astrobiology Magazine: NASA Mission Finds New Clues to Guide the Search for Life on Mars

Odyssey Website / Daily Pics
Odyssey's 10,000 Orbits

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Sky and Telescope / This Week's Sky at a Glance
Interactive Sky Chart / Celestial Objects

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