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Earth's Sun

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Gallery: Solar Flares / Gallery: Amazing Sun

Space Picture
Solar flares set
the Sun quaking

Credit with image
Space Picture
A Sunspot in the
New Solar Cycle

Credit with image
Space Picture
A Jet from the Sun

Credit with image
Space Picture
A Complete Solar
Cycle from SOHO

Credit with image
Space Picture
An X Class Flare
Region on the Sun

Credit with image

To collect pieces of the Sun.

Acrimsat (NASA)
...measuirng the sun's energy

Hinode (JAXA/NASA)
"Hinode (Sunrise) is a project to study the Sun, led by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in collaboration with NASA..."

Ulysses (NASA)
To explore of the unknown region of space above the poles of the Sun

To explore the three-dimensional magnetic structures that emerge through the visible surface of the Sun - the Potosphere.

To understand the following processes that take place in the magnetized plasmas of the solar atmosphere during a flare: Impulsive energy release: Particle acceleration, Particle and energy transport.

Planet Earth

New portrait of Earth
New portrait of Earth shows
land cover as never before

Earth from Space
Earth from Space: Splitting iceberg

Mauna Kea
Mauna Kea Shadow Play

Google Earth . Top 10 Views of Earth from Space
. Planet Earth 2007: Top 10 Science Revelations
. VIDEO: Moon Probe Catches Full Earthrise!

Blue Marble
Blue Marble
NASA Unveils New Hi-Def Map of Antarctica
NASA's New Hi-Def
Map of Antarctica

Earth's true colours
Earth's true colours
"True colour images of
Earth as seen by Rosetta's
OSIRIS camera - ESA
ESA's sharpest satellite map of Earth
Space Picture
Earth at Twilight

Credit with image

Space Picture
Earthrise from Moon-Orbiting Kaguya

Courtesy of JAXA
Space Picture
NASA's New Views of Earth

Credit with image
Space Picture
Looking Back at an Eclipsed Earth

Credit with image
Space Picture
Rotating Earth from Galileo

Credit with image

Saint Pierre and Miquelon Islands
Close-up 3D view of Saint Pierre and Miquelon Islands
Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech
Earth Mapping Mission
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM)
"The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission collected topographic data over nearly 80 percent of Earth's land surfaces, creating the first-ever near-global data set of land elevations."
(Launched Feb. 11, 2000 12:33 EST)

ESA'S Cluster Mission
"The Cluster mission is currently investigating the small-scale structure (in three dimensions) of the Earth's plasma environment, such as those involved in the interaction between the solar wind and the magnetospheric plasma, in global magnetotail dynamics, in cross-tail currents, and in the formation and dynamics of the neutral line and of plasmoids." - ESA

ISS EarthKAM Datasystem Earth Facts
Visible Earth: "A catalogue of NASA images and animations of our home planet."

The GRACE Mission: Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
"GRACE, twin satellites launched in March 2002, are making detailed measurements of Earth's gravity field which will lead to discoveries about gravity and Earth's natural systems. These discoveries could have far-reaching benefits to society and the world's population."

NASA/Science: Earth Songs Story

Our planet is a natural source of radio waves at audio frequencies. An online receiver at the Marshall Space Flight Center is playing these songs of Earth so anyone can listen." / Click here for sounds